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If your friends have been raving to you about their Netflix accounts, you may have started considering reasons to sign up for Netflix. I have had my account for almost a year and couldn’t be happier with the service. As a movie buff and a member of a family-of-five, I consider it a win-win investment. These are my reasons to sign up for Netflix.

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The Selection

Netflix has a bank of thousands of films and TV shows that you can watch. One of the best reasons to sign up for Netflix is that you can watch TV shows in their entirety. The episodes are listed one after another so it’s no hassle hunting around for them. What’s more, the selection varies from classics like Marilyn Monroe films to new releases. There are kid and family friendly choices along with adult-only films you’ve been dying to see.



For only $7.99/month, you have access to a large bank of films and TV shows. It’s a reasonable price when you consider how many shows you watch. You even save the gas money getting to the library to rent films. I used to go there often but now search the Netflix database before heading to the library for a film. My family uses my account so with the amount we collectively use it, it was well worth the investment.



Don’t want your kids watching anything they shouldn’t? Well you can monitor what they watch by creating profiles for each user. Within a profile, you can select parental options that allow you to narrow your child’s search to films lower than PG-13. Another benefit of the profiles is that you can develop your own library, which suggests other films based on what you watch. The service doesn’t really work to its potential if everyone watches different genres on one profile. It won’t know what to recommend!


Watching the Video

It’s very convenient to watch shows off Netflix. You can use your PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more. Not all offer HD screen play but that varies based on your device. For example, I can watch a TV show on my computer while my parents watch a film on Apple TV using our TV. Everyone gets to watch what they want, which is definitely a good thing to have on hand.



Are you a fan of a certain actor but don’t know what they starred in? Netflix gives you the option of searching for an actor and following their profile to see what films they have with that actor. It’s a great way to branch out from your classics.

Famous Quotes

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I have to say that although the recommendations aren’t always the best, they do have some great options. If you take the time to rate a film after you watch it, Netflix uses that information to create a playlist you’ll like. In fact, I watched a Cary Grant film and followed the recommendation to watch “Charade.” I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, co-starred with Grant in this film.


Movie Nights in

Netflix is great for movie nights in. Whether it’s with your children or a bunch of friends, Netflix is the way to go. You don’t waste money on the outrageously over-priced movie tickets at the theaters. So make some popcorn, pick your flick and settle in for a fun night.

I love my Netflix account! What is your favorite part of the service? Do you think it’s worth the investment?

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It's not it should be.

it does suck in canada but there are ways to access the American one

Why isn't Netflix in France yet?

Unless you like a ton of crappy movies no one has ever heard of.

Oh yeah, netflix is awesome.. only if you live in the states. Here in Canada, our netflix only has 25% of what the american netflix has.

I just got my account and how do I set up a profile?? It's for my 4 yr old little girl

I've had NF for over a year and I can tell you that for movies, you'd be better off going to your local library.

Love my Netflix account! I watch a lot of tv shows mainly but sometimes I watch movies

I love Netflix! I never watch movies on it though, I feel like I've watched all the good ones, do I just watch tv shows

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