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7 Sexy Leading Men from Britain ...

By Lyndsie

Sexy leading men come in all shapes and sizes, and they come from all over the globe. Lots of them seem to come from Britain, and that makes me a very happy girl. I’m a sucker for all things British, from the accents to the food to the history, and I admit it, I like me some sexy British actors! I’m kind of but not quite cheating, though, since you’ll see actors from Ireland and Scotland as well as English; I’m going after men all over the UK! Their sex appeal is often different from that of, say, American leading men; it’s often subtler, they have tremendous talents, and get to showcase their skill in a variety of films. So, take a look at my list of sexy British leading men and see how it stacks up to yours!

1 Colin Firth

I don’t know if you all have noticed this yet, but I have a thing for Colin Firth. He ranks high on any list of sexy leading men, no matter where they’re from. He’s been in so many good movies and had so many good roles, like Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy! I’ve loved him in everything, from A Single Man to Mamma Mia!, from earlier works to latest films.

2 Alan Rickman

I don’t know if Alan is a typical choice for a sexy leading man, but … that’s okay with me! I’ve been a Rickman fan since time out of mine. I was the only person in my family to ever root for the Prince in the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He makes such a good bad guy … but he’s an even better leading man, because there’s always something slightly sinister about him. Plus he’s always smirking – that smirk!


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3 Jude Law

I may take some stuff for this, but I can’t help it. I love Jude! Sometimes he’s not on point but I’ve enjoyed a lot of his films, the deeper movies as well as the light hearted rom coms. Not really Alfie though. But that face! He is such a pretty man, and then you see him in something like The Road to Perdition, in a part where you cannot rest on looks.

4 Ewan McGregor

Ewan has starred in some of a lot of my favorite films. He’s one of the gruffer sexy leading men, willing to get seriously down and dirty in his films. There’s something gritty about him, which has continued long, long after his Trainspotting days. His perpetually humorous look is kind of a turn on, as well.

5 Hugh Laurie

Uh, yeah. Without question. Out of all the sexy British actors listed here, Hugh just … wow. I didn’t jump up on the House bandwagon, although goodness knows I love that doctor. I’ve always loved him for his sense of humor, too, for his willingness to do hilarious and ludicrous physical comedy, and even for his deep, enduring friendship with Stephen Fry. I’m going to mourn House so hard though, I swear.

6 Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth wooed me with his Shakespearean skills. I still can’t watch his version of Hamlet without getting chills. He’s incredibly understated, but can still seduce you in an instant the second he opens his mouth. I mean, what more can you ask of your sexy leading men?

7 Jeremy Irons

Like I said, not all sexy British leading men fall into categories you might expect. Jeremy Irons strikes me as sexy for many reasons. His talent is enormous, he was a gorgeous young man and he’s still beautiful, and his voice. His voice is just … wow. Where Alan Rickman’s voice is made up of dry, wry sarcasm, Jeremy’s is kind of darkly, sinisterly seductive. Whatever, I like. A lot.

Sexy leading men can be made of many things. Some of them are sexy because of their muscles, some because of their wit, some because of their abilities. It all depends on what you’re looking for, and on what you find sexy! These are just some of my favorite British leading men, and as you can see, not all of them are exactly traditional! Who’s your favorite leading man, from anywhere?

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