7 Thought-Provoking Movies about Revolutionary France ...


The years 1787-1799 have been depicted many times in movies about the French Revolution. It is a fascinating period in history, not just for France but for its neighbors and also for America. Movies about the French Revolution are dramatic, romantic, shocking and thought provoking. This is my pick of the best of them.

1. Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head

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It’s a serious subject but the great institution of British films – Carry On – just had to find humor in it and produced one of the funniest, if not the only funny, movies about Revolutionary France. Carry on Don’t Lose Your Head is my favorite Carry On and is a spoof of that very fine story, The Scarlet Pimpernel. Enjoy the fun as Sir Rodney Ffing aka The Black Fingernail runs rings around revolutionaries Citizen Camembert and Citizen Bidet to rescue the French aristocrats from La Guillotine.

2. The Scarlet Pimpernel

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