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7 Times We've All Been One of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Characters ...

By Teresa

There’s a fairly good chance that you’ve spent a large amount of time watching the show and relating to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. characters. They’re so outlandish, yet somehow we still find ourselves assigning F.R.I.E.N.D.S. characters to your own friend group. Are you Monica? Or are you Ross? Or maybe you’re Phoebe? Well, pull out your guitar and get ready to serenade us with all your best rendition of Smelly Cat. We’re waiting!

1 Monica and the Closet

Monica and the Closet No matter how neat and tidy you may be, you cannot convince me that you don’t have a closet in your home dedicated to all the junk without a place, a la Monica. I personally think that this moment was one of Monica’s most relatable moments as one of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. characters. I don’t know about you, but seeing that even Monica had a closet for her junk definitely helped me embrace my own chaotic closet. We’ve all been there.

2 The Infamous Spray Tan

Hopefully no one has had a spray tan experience as traumatic as Ross’s. I’m assuming we all know how to count here, which probably lessens the chances of this happening by about 99%. Even so, we’ve all had a weird spray tan, or simply a beauty treatment in general, that we’ve been too nervous to question or inquire about, and in those moments, we are all Ross Geller, counting with Mississippis.

3 Rachel’s Cat

Rachel’s Cat I can’t possibly be the only person who has made an impulse buy because it brought back nostalgia. When my life has come to those moments, I always think of Rachel Green and her hairless cat (why is it inside out?), and am simply thankful that I didn’t spend a small fortune on whatever my little impulse buy happens to be.

4 You’ve Found Yourself Quoting Them in Real Conversation

If you have seriously found yourself giving your best friend the “He’s your lobster!” conversation, or even worse, the “We were on a break!” argument, you are in deep. You are nearly as emotionally invested in the show as the characters.

5 Joey’s Eyebrows

Joey’s Eyebrows We’ve all had an eyebrow mishap, guys and girls alike. There’s no shame in it, unless you end up with Joey’s eyebrows, and then there’s a little bit of shame in it. Don’t we all look in the mirror after getting our eyebrows done and hope and pray that they don’t look like Joey’s did? Oh, what we do for beauty, or in Joey’s case, a role.

6 You’ve Sat down for a Thanksgiving or Two with Your Own Friends

You’ve Sat down for a Thanksgiving or Two with Your Own Friends If you’re a die-hard fan and have had Thanksgiving with your friends, you may have hoped for a Friends-like mishap. Were you waiting (and sort of hoping) for your idiot friend to get his head stuck in the turkey, despite the much more realistic consequences it’d leave you with? Or maybe you were simply hoping for a friendly game of football with your best friends. No matter what you ended up, it was most definitely Friends-worthy.

7 When You’re Moving

When You’re Moving If you haven’t shouted, “Pivot!” while moving, whether seriously or sarcastically, I don’t think I could be your friend. Yes, that’s harsh, but how have you never felt the need to channel your inner Ross, at least once?

What’s your most relatable Friends moment? I don’t think I could pick just one! Let me know yours in the comments!

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