7 TV Shows with Powerful Female Leads You're Sure to Love ...


Although everyone, even the women on this list, is sick of hearing the words “powerful female leads,” it goes without saying that we need more of them on TV. That being said, there are so many great, powerful female leads on TV right now, and this list is just a few of the many amazing women who grace our TVs every week. If you’re looking for TV shows with strong female leads to watch, this is the list for you!

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The Mindy Project

If you haven’t started watching The Mindy Project, you absolutely need to. It stars Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, a New York gynecologist looking for love. Mindy is one of the most dynamic characters on TV. She’s a gynecologist, but she’s not ashamed to love romantic comedies, shopping, and going out. She may not always be the best role model, but she is one of the funniest characters on TV!


Broad City

Abbi and Ilana’s characters aren’t exactly powerful in the workplace on Broad City, but in real life, they’re two of the most powerful funny women in the business. They were renewed for a third season almost immediately after the second season premiere, and Broad City is produced by Amy Poehler, meaning that they are currently working with arguably the most powerful woman in comedy right now.


Inside Amy Schumer

If you love stand-up but can’t find enough of it on TV, this is the show for you. Amy Schumer takes her stand-up act and turns it into a hilarious and relatable sketch show that will leave you laughing for hours. When I originally discovered the show, I binge-watched the entire first season in a matter of hours. It’s that good.


Parks and Recreation

As Parks and Recreation embarks on its final season, it seems like it’s more popular than ever before. Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope is one of the best characters in television, and even though that’s always been the case, it’s especially been showcased this season.


Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a new show this year, and if you loved Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes speech, you are sure to love Jane the Virgin. It’s funny, dynamic, and will absolutely draw you in. You won’t be able to stop watching it if you haven’t started yet.



While Parenthood is technically an ensemble cast, all of the women on the show are some of the strongest women on TV. Every one of them goes through different issues and struggles over the course of the six seasons, which makes it all the more powerful to see them overcome it as the show progresses.


Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were one of the greatest mother-daughter duos we’ll see on TV, so if you haven’t watched the entire series yet, you need to. The show will become one of your all-time favorites, thanks to Lorelai, Rory, and a little town called Stars Hollow.

What shows with powerful female leads do you love? While I love all of these shows, I think that The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows of all-time, and it just revealed a huge plot twist. If you aren't watching it yet, you need to! Let me know your favorite female-led TV shows in the comments!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer😝

yes Olivia benson is missing, she needs to be included!

GIRLS is the best ! Why isn't it on this list

Obviously charmed must be included

Olivia Benson from law and order svu!

Clarke and Raven from the 100.

How about Revenge?? Emily Van Camp kicks ass there!!!

Jane the Virgin and Desperate Housewives ❤😏

New girl!

You missed one thing. "The Walking Dead" ladies are strong and brave. They are strong to fight with their feelings.

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