A Definitive Look at How Girl Meets World is Living up to Boy Meets World ...


Anyone who knows me knows that I love Boy Meets World, so when Girl Meets World was announced, I was over the moon. However, the pilot underwhelmed me, as well as many people. I didn’t give up on it, though, and since the pilot, Girl Meets World has improved exponentially. If you still doubt the show, though, read on to learn just how it’s living up to its predecessor.

1. The Storylines

While I can admit that the Girl Meets World pilot did leave much to be desired, the storylines since then have been Boy Meets World reminiscent with a 2014 twist. In particular, an episode dealing with our dependency on technology today would’ve definitely been a storyline if it had been a problem fifteen years ago. It’s a completely different world, but the storylines are still just as real. That being said, don’t expect any episodes about cults and underage drinking. This is the Disney Channel, after all.

2. Cory and Topanga

Even after all these years, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have easil