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7 Worst Dancers on TV and in the Movies ...

By Lane

Patrick Swayze and John Travolta are not among the seven worst dancers on TV and movies. However, this list of brilliantly awful dance moves should have you laughing for days. While I'm sure that off-camera these actors and actresses have plenty of great moves all their own, these are not those moves. Without further delay, let's learn more about the seven worst dancers on TV and movies.

1 Brad Pitt, Burn after Reading
Let me begin by making the shocking assertion that hunky Brad Pitt belongs among the worst dancers on TV and movies. Angelina Jolie claims this film features the one time in her life that she wasn't attracted to her man. Complete with bicycle shorts - yikes! - Brad Pitt has certainly earned his spot on my list.

2 Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seinfeld
Elaine's dancing is “like a full body dry heave set to music.” It is hilariously awful. Sadly, at times, it reminds me of my own dance moves when I'm trying to make someone laugh. I've added her greatest hits (worst moves?) here for you to see and enjoy in all their cringe-worthy glory. Don't try this at home or anywhere else; it's really that bad.

3 Carlton Banks, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Despite his perfectly respectable fascination with Tom Jones, Carlton Banks couldn't learn a new dance movie to save his life. His guilty pleasure was to play this classic song while performing these shockingly awful moves, concluding with a jump around on the couch Tom Cruise would be proud of. I disagree, Mr. Jones, it's VERY unusual!

4 Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man 3
Had our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man performed these dance moves within a 1970s or early 1980s John Travolta film, he would have been fine. However, this was the wrong decade, and my reaction was exactly the same as the women on the street in the movie - not cool, Spidey!

5 Woody Harrelson, the Cowboy Way
As a Southern girl, let me say, there's two-stepping and there's line dancing; then there's whatever Woody Harrelson is doing here. His dance moves do not improve within this film. As a matter of fact if I remember correctly, there's a scene where he's in his boxers, dancing.

6 Matthew Lillard, She's All That
While the song states, “Give it to me, Baby,” I implore you, please don't! This is among the worst dance scenes I've seen in a long, long, LONG time. While everyone should have their own signature moves, for Matthew Lillard, these should not be them. The break-dancing bit is just way too much!

7 Kevin James, Hitch
When Will Smith slaps you, it's time to step away from the dance floor! And if he offers you dance lessons, you take them. I don't know which was funnier, his "making the pizza" move or splitting his pants at the end of the movie. Thank God, Allegra Cole didn't love him for his dance moves.

While I applaud these ensemble cast of characters for the laughs, I hope that these are not what they present on their own time to the public. With this handy little collection, you'll have a great time learning what NOT to do on the dance floor. What dance movies did you find funny during serious moments?

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