10 Great Movies Inspired by True Stories...

There are movies we see for a good laugh, movies we watch for the excitement, chick flicks we see for a ladies' night out, and there are movies we watch because they inspire us.

These movies inspire us because they are about true events and real people who went through these experiences.

We can learn a lot from movies inspired by true stories.

Perhaps one of these or all of these 7 Great Movies Inspired by True Stories has taught you a life lesson or two...

1. The Sound of Music...

I couldn't imagine helping to take care of a family with this many children as well as having to flee your country because of the Nazi takeover.

Maria wasn't sure where she was going in life but she found her true calling when she met the Von Trapp Family.

"The Sound of Music" is a classic movie that will inspire many with it's songs and love story, but this movie inspired by true stories moved me because they looked out for one another and fled for their freedom.