7 Romantic Movie Kisses That Are Fun to Reenact ...


If you’re jealous of the romantic movie kisses you see on the big screen, why not create your own love story?

If you and your boyfriend have the same taste in films, you’ll both enjoy this little game.

Pick your favorite movie and try to reenact a scene from it.

When you run out of ideas, try to reenact these romantic movie kisses.

1. Spiderman


Everyone remembers watching Peter Parker kiss MJ while upside down.2

This iconic moment is one of the romantic movie kisses every girl is jealous of.

Face the opposite way as your boyfriend when on the bed in order to get that inverted kiss.

Or, if you want a more realistic experience, head down to the park and have him swing upside down on the monkey bars.

If it’s raining out, even better!

2. Titanic


If you take a cruise with your partner, this kiss is a must.

Even if you’re sitting around at home one day, it’s a fun kiss to try out.

Have him wrap his arms around you and kiss you from behind.

Or you can change it up and be the one standing behind him.

Just make sure that the kiss is a passionate one!

3. Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

What could be better than a kiss and some tasty food on the side?

The next time you eat pasta, try slurping a noodle up from one side while your boy slurps from the other side.2

You’ll soon realize that the movie makes the kiss look easier than it is.

If your attempts aren’t successful, you’ll have fun laughing at your failure.

Plus, you still have yummy pasta to finish.

4. The Notebook

The Notebook

If you love Noah and Ali, you’ll remember when they kissed in the rain.

The next time you’re stuck outside in the rain, make the most of it by reenacting this famous kiss.

Jump into your boyfriend’s arms and have him carry you inside to continue the make-out.

Of course, be careful if there are others around.

This is a pretty passionate kiss that you wouldn’t want to do in public.

Dirty Dancing
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