7 anti-Love Movies for Singles to Watch on Valentine's Day ...


You can still celebrate Valentine's Day, even if you're single. You're just going to do it a little bit differently than all of your couple friends. Instead of giving someone chocolate and watching romantic movies, you should be eating chocolate and watching cynical movies. They'll help you remember that being in a relationship isn't always a party. Sometimes, it's just plain torturous. Here are some of the best anti-love movies to watch this Valentine's Day if you're feeling extra gloomy:

1. Becoming Jane

This movie stars the beautiful Anne Hathaway. She plays Jane Austin, one of the most popular writers of the 19th century. In the film, she puts her love life on hold in order to focus on her career and herself. If you're single this Valentine's Day, the movie will help remind you that there are plenty of things in life that are far more important than landing a boyfriend.

The Stepford Wives
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