7 Best Halloween Movies from Your Childhood You Miss ...


7 Best Halloween Movies from Your Childhood You Miss ...
7 Best Halloween Movies from Your Childhood You Miss ...

As Halloween approaches, you will need to add these best Halloween movies from your childhood to your scary movie marathon. These movies scared the pants off of us as kids. Now that we are older, we will still love them. So you should take a break from up and coming horror movies and go back to your roots with these best Halloween movies from your childhood.

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Hocus Pocus

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This movie will forever be a classic and I have always regarded it as one of the best Halloween movies from my childhood. This movie terrified me when I was little, and now that I am older, I find it hilarious. Those are the best kind of movies in my book. Not to mention it has the perfect cast of Bette Mider, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson sisters. Trust me, once you re-watch it as an adult, you will remember why you loved it so much as a kid.



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If Halloweentown was a real place, I would definitely want to live there. But unfortunately it is not, so my obsession with the Halloweentown series continues. It is about a young witch, Marnie, and her adventures to another world where it is Halloween every day. It has skeletons, ghosts, evil warlocks, and everything else you loved as a kid. Marnie was such an awesome girl to look up to as a kid because she loved weird things and didn’t care what others thought of her. And there are four movies in the series so the Halloweentown fun never has to end. But word of warning, I would avoid watching the fourth installment with Sara Paxton. It does not have the same charm as the first three.


The Nightmare before Christmas

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Some people consider this more of a Christmas movie, but I always loved to watch it around Halloween time. Tim Burton is a master at making creepy movies and this is one of his classics. The main character, Jack Skellington, confused me as a child because I loved to root for him but he also creeped me out. The beginning song, “This is Halloween” is still one of the creepiest songs I have ever heard.


Don’t Look under the Bed

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I had to watch this movie 3 times before I could even finish it because it scared me too much. It is about a a young girl who teams up with her brother’s imaginary friend to catch a boogeyman that is ruining her life. I have not watched it in a few years so I still don’t know how scary it is as an adult. All I know is for a child, this one can be pretty scream-worthy. I am still afraid to stand too close to my bed at night for fear of what might be under it.


It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

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What is any holiday without a Charlie Brown movie to go along with it? I just loved Linus’s dedication to celebrating Halloween with the Great Pumpkin, regardless of everyone's opinions of it. While most people don’t really believe that there is a message of Halloween, I think this movie shows that Halloween is all about believing in the fascinating and wonderful things that surround the holiday. It is the time to believe in ghosts and witches and the supernatural things we don’t see in everyday life. And Linus’s steadfast belief in the Great Pumpkin is a great example of it.



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I can still never take Michael Keton seriously in other movies because of his role as Beetlejuice. He is a crazy, kooky, and creepy bio-exorcist that helps a dead couple scare away the new family living in their house. It was always pretty scary for me as a child, but I love this movie now that I have re-watched it as an adult. Tim Burton is a master at making scary movies for children and adults alike.



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Confession time, I had the biggest crush on Casper when I was younger (obviously when he was a person, not a ghost). This movie is the perfect balance of laughs and screams. It has such an all-star cast that I didn’t even get to appreciate because I was so young and naive. I feel guilty how long it has been since I last watched it but I definitely plan on watching it soon.

One of the best parts of Halloween coming closer is the abundance of great movies to watch. When it comes time for my Halloween movie marathons, I am always looking for the best Halloween movies from my childhood. What did you think of these childhood Halloween movies? What are some other great Halloween movies from your childhood that you miss? What makes these movies so special and memorable?

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Yes to ALL of these! I\'ve been meaning to watch don\'t look under the bed! Disney should have that movie on for their Halloween countdown movies!

#3 Yesss !!!

Casper the friendly ghost is my favorite Halloween childhood show! Brings back memories! :)


I\'m 25 years old and still watch #3,5,7 every year!

Hocus Pocus. My favorite!

Spot on with all of them except for nightmare before Christmas.. I hope my daughter loves them just as much as I did.

Omg I loved the Casper movies and hocus pocus I remember recording Halloween town on video haha

Love The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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