8 Best Season Finales Ever ...


For me, the best season finales leave you either happy as a clam, absolutely devastated, or horrified beyond all belief. If they end the series in general (yes, I'm including those, but just a couple; sorry!), then you're not left wondering, you get closure. If it's a huge cliffhanger, then you're still on the edge of your seat when the show finally resumes and lets you know what happened. The point is, you're somehow emotionally involved – that's what makes a good finale. Now, bearing in mind that these are just my opinions of the best season finales ever aired, take a look and then give me your opinions in the comments! I'd love to hear what moves you!

1. Sons of Anarchy S2: “Na Trioblóidí”

I could pick practically any Sons of Anarchy finale because I love this show. I mean, I'm slightly obsessed and not ashamed to admit it. However, the season two cliffhanger is unquestionably one of the best season finales I've ever seen. It was heartbreaking. The entire episode is a thrill ride, moving so fast that viewers respond just as emotionally as the characters, but nothing beats the climactic end scenes. Charlie Hunnam is such an amazing actor, and Jax's visceral reactions to his tragedy are poignantly painful.

Six Feet under, S5: “Everyone's Waiting”
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