9 Hilarious YouTubers You Should Add to Your Subscription Box ...


9 Hilarious YouTubers You Should Add to Your Subscription Box ...
9 Hilarious YouTubers You Should Add to Your Subscription Box ...

YouTube has certainly taken the entertainment industry by storm, and if you’re not on the bandwagon yet, I’m here to provide you with a few hilarious YouTubers you need to be watching! These days, it seems like most young adults are watching people on YouTube instead of television. These “YouTubers” are taking over, just by filming videos of themselves in their bedrooms. They go from average person to meeting and interviewing One Direction! I’m a huge fan of these hilarious YouTubers, so I thought I’d profile a few of my favorites. Maybe my favorites will become your favorites!

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I’ve loved Zoe since I first found her videos. Besides that, I can attest to the fact that she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in a while. I met her over a month ago and she went out of her way to get a picture with me and was absolutely lovely. If you, like me, love to hear about what “celebrities” are really like, I can assure you that she is the real deal. On top of that, she’s super talented at what she does, and she’s one of the most hilarious YouTubers! She’s technically not a beauty guru, nor does she claim to be. She does mainly fashion and lifestyle videos, a nice refreshing voice different from the typical “beauty gurus” out there!


Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise, otherwise known as Sprinkle of Glitter, is Zoe’s best friend, but that’s not why she’s included in this list. She’s definitely a unique voice in the YouTube world. Louise is a mum to an adorable 2 year-old girl, something pretty uncommon in terms of YouTube celebrities. She makes both beauty and lifestyle videos, with a mummy twist, of course. The little “Glitter World” she’s created is a baby pink and mint paradise of toddler (and adult) clothes, adorable DIY projects, and (sometimes) cute English boys that she’s friends with. It’s a beautiful land that you need to become a part of, honestly.


Tyler Oakley

You might be living under a rock if you don’t know Tyler Oakley, but that’s all right, I forgive you. He’s a tiny, lilac-haired cutie with a penchant for One Direction (he even got to interview them a few months ago!). He vlogs his life as it happens, which makes for some exciting videos. Last month he went to Australia and this month he’s off to London for the third time this year! Tyler is someone you need to follow around on the Internet, you won’t be sorry!


Troye Sivan

While all of these YouTubers have blown up in the past year, Troye Sivan takes the cake. After he posted a video titled “Coming Out,” he doubled his subscribers in a month. In fact, he just hit 1 million subscribers! He makes hilariously relatable videos that you’ll enjoy whether you’re 13 or 60 (okay, 60 may be debatable). He’s also an amazing singer and posts acoustic covers just as regularly as his normal vlogs. He’s definitely someone to add to your subscription box!


Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue covers popular songs from today, as well popular songs from yesteryear, which will leave you stunned. Their covers are probably the greatest songs to grace my ears in a while. They have a magical quality to them that I can’t fully explain. Here’s a fun fact: when they’re not getting 1.1 billion views on YouTube they act as vocal coaches on The X Factor!



If you’re looking for an awesome beauty guru to switch up your subscription box, Fleur is your go-to girl! She posts beauty videos that go along with her life as it’s happening. When she got married she posted wedding videos and after she had an entire honeymoon series! She’s really great at making you feel like you’re along for the ride. When you subscribe, immediately check out her wedding video, as it was absolutely gorgeous!


Daily Grace

Grace Helbig, or Daily Grace, posts hilarious videos five days a week about absolutely anything. She’s outlandish and incredibly sarcastic, making her a great addition to your subscription boxes. YouTube Comedy is often seen as male-dominated, but she is definitely helping that change!



Daily vlogging is becoming more and more popular on YouTube right now, and that’s partially thanks to CTFxC. CTFxC is made up of the hilarious husband and wife duo, Charles and Alli Trippy. Not only do they hold the world record for the amount of consecutive YouTube uploads, they also just hit a million subscribers. On a sadder note, after almost a year of seizures, brain surgeries, and a benign tumor, Charles recently announced that he has brain cancer. Watching their journey through their tears and triumphs will inspire you endlessly.



On a lighter note, Miranda is one of the funniest people on YouTube. Before you watch her videos, it’s important to note that she’s just a character, but enjoy the ignorance of the people who don't realize that. Miranda is definitely an acquired taste, but I promise, you’ll quickly find yourself calling telling people you're a ”Mirfanda.”

Who are your favorite YouTubers? Have you checked any of these people out? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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Danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil

Jenna marbles

Tyler and Miranda yes <3

Hahah I don't know any of these !!

iisuperwomanii she is hilarious

Rachel Whitehurst all the way

Well gosh. What about Caspar Lee?? And Marcus Butler. And Sam Pepper. And Mazzi Mazz. And Alfie.

If u ever wanna laugh look up 8

I thought Joe sugg would be on hear but I love Zoella


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