15 of the Most Annoying TV Characters ...


There are annoying TV characters everywhere! I feel like sometimes they help to further story lines and other times they’re just dead weight that could be cut out of the show. Who knows why writers put in characters that get on everyone’s nerves. Here are nine of the most annoying TV characters according to me.

1. Allison Cameron

Allison Cameron

This was a rough one. I couldn’t choose between Cameron and Foreman from “House, M.D.” for most annoying character on the show. They both drove me crazy, but when it comes down to it, Cameron’s whiny nature and weird crush on House made her the winner. Even when she left the show and came back, she still found a way to be annoying by acting like she was better than House’s new doctors. I just could never really find her likable and believe me, I tried!

Declan Porter
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