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7 Reasons to Start Watching Sex and the City Again ...

By Teresa

The reasons to watch Sex and the City are nearly endless. If you can believe this, it’s been sixteen years since the show premiered and a decade since it ended, meaning that you probably haven’t watched Sex and the City in a while. Whether you were an addict when the show originally premiered or are simply looking for reasons to watch Sex and the City for the first time, this list will thoroughly convince you to become completely immersed into these four girls’ worlds.

1 The Friendships

The FriendshipsBest girlfriends are few and far between on today’s TV shows, so why not go back a few years in time and watch possibly the most iconic best friends of all time? It’s so nice to see women on television who actually care about each other rather than tear each other down. They’re there for each other in the darkest times, yet will always be there to laugh over brunch. If the friendships aren’t one of the greatest reasons to watch Sex and the City, I’m not sure what is.

2 The Fashion

The FashionThe fashion on Sex and the City is so outlandish, even for 1998, that it’s a reason in and of itself to watch this show. Even if you’d never have the guts to wear any of her clothes in public, you’ve probably still spent an insane amount of time drooling over Carrie’s entire wardrobe.

3 Aidan

AidanAidan was the greatest guy Carrie ever dated in my humble opinion. He builds her friends a chair, he builds her a chair, and he has a lake house. He’s just the nicest guy, and hearing Aidan tell Carrie that she broke his heart still hurts like the first time I heard it. He’s basically perfect.

4 Or Big…

Or Big…Maybe you’re Team Big. I’m not here to judge. If you love Big as much as I love Aidan, it may to be time to take a trip down memory lane and revisit Carrie and Big’s tumultuous relationship. Even if you’re not Big’s biggest fan, you can’t help but love them by the end.

5 To Figure out Which Girl You Are

To Figure out Which Girl You AreIt’s so cliché, but it’s almost a rite of passage as a young woman to figure out which girl you are. Sarcastic? Miranda. Domestic? Charlotte, and it continues as such. As you change and grow up, so does the girl that you’re most similar to, so even if you were once a Carrie, maybe now you’re a Charlotte. Watch and see!

6 The Guest Stars

The Guest StarsSex and the City is notorious for hosting guest stars who were lesser known then but are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. Justin Theroux, Elizabeth Banks, and Timothy Olyphant are just a few of the names on the seemingly never-ending list! You never know who may pop up when you sit down to watch an episode or two!

7 The Relationships

The RelationshipsThe relationships in Sex and the City are another aspect of the show that is simply unparalleled to anything on TV today. Whether it’s in Charlotte and Harry’s relationship, Miranda and Steve’s, or even Samantha and Smith, seeing men fully support their significant others through both the good times and the bad is something we need to see more of in television. It's very rare to see men so completely supportive of their significant others in television, which is what makes Sex and the City so special!

Why do you love Sex and the City? Let me know in the comments!

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