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7 Robert Redford Movies That Prove He is a Masterful Actor ...

By Neecey

Many people have commented in the past that Brad Pitt resembles a young Robert Redford, and although I would have to agree with those that say Brad is more handsome, I prefer Robert Redford movies over Brad Pitt movies. Maybe my age? Anyway, for whatever reason, he’s always been one of my favorite actors and over the years I have always looked forward to Robert Redford movies with great anticipation. Movies like these for example:

1 All the President’s Men (1976)

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If proof of masterful acting is what you are after, then the best place to start with Robert Redford movies is undoubtedly 1976’s All the President’s Men. Redford is at his commanding best alongside Dustin Hoffman as the journalistic dream team who uncover the truth and reveal the details of the infamous Watergate scandal under President Richard Nixon. Full of suspense, intrigue and tension, an almost unheard of 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes can’t be wrong!

2 The Sting (1973)

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Glorious partnerships are something of a recurring theme in Robert Redford movies, and none more so than in The Sting where he stars alongside Paul Newman as a pair of conmen looking to pull off the most elaborate of scams. An immediate classic upon release, the film picked up seven Academy Awards including Best Picture. A rip-roaring and stylish caper that really stands the test of time.

3 Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (1969)

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Redford and Newman can be found together yet again in this rugged adventure Western that showcases Robert’s acting chops as well as his all-American masculinity! Starring as Butch Cassidy’s sidekick and companion, the ‘Sundance Kid’ Harry Longabaugh, Redford fills the screen with devilish good looks and charisma in abundance. A loosely based account of a classic American tale that will have you swept away to the Wildest of Wests!

4 The Way We Were (1973)

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“Your girl is lovely, Hubble,” five words that will break the heart of any who have already seen this epic love story from 1973. The Way We Were had every girl wishing they were Barbra Streisand just so they could fall in to the arms of the golden haired Robert Redford, looking more like Brad Pitt here than ever. A rites of passage movie for all young women, but be sure to grab your box of tissues, girls, this one is definitely a weepy!

5 Sneakers (1992)

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A slight change of pace and genre here for Redford as he stars alongside young performers like the late River Phoenix in this tale of computer hacking and government corruption. The heavily featured nineties technology dates the film to a humorously nostalgic extent, but Robert Redford’s trademark charisma is glowing and strong as ever, and it is a treat to see two actors of such quality as Sidney Poitier and he make magic on the big screen.

6 The Candidate (1972)

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A cynical and satirical political drama that has Redford portraying an unrestrained ex-lawyer who runs for a Senate seat with the game plan of saying exactly what he thinks. Robert’s effortless charm and strength of character shine in this biting look in to the world of politics, made over forty years ago yet bearing telling similarities to the media and political campaigns of today. Perhaps Robert Redford should run for real, he’d certainly get my vote!

7 All is Lost (2013)

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This is Redford’s most recent and, in a way, most remarkable film of all. A survival drama in which he is the sole character, a sure test of any actor’s ability! The now seventy-seven year old veteran shows us he’s still got it as he performs all of his own stunts in this nerve shredding tale of a sailor whose yacht sinks in the middle of the ocean, leaving him with very little other than a small life boat and his own prayers. With only a handful of lines spoken in the entire film, Redford’s striking screen presence alone holds the movie together, a truly impressive feat from a truly masterful actor!

Have you seen any of these Robert Redford movies? Or maybe you prefer another of his many fantastic performances?

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