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81 Refashioned Re-envisaged and Minimalist Movie Posters ...

By Neecey

When I was producing my list of original movie posters, I came across an art genre I had never seen before. I had never imagined that there was such a wealth of fabulous art in movie posters that were different from the official and originals produced by the studios and distributors. There are some very clever artists and graphic designers out there who have created some excellent and fascinating minimalist movie posters.

Table of contents:

  1. Peter pan
  2. Thor
  3. The wizard of oz
  4. The walking dead
  5. Inception
  6. Gone with the wind
  7. Alice in wonderland
  8. The birds
  9. Pulp fiction
  10. Return of the jedi
  11. Breakfast at tiffany's
  12. Edward scissorhands
  13. Psycho
  14. The hunger games
  15. Finding nemo
  16. Jurassic park
  17. American beauty
  18. Back to the future
  19. Stand by me
  20. Ratatouille
  21. Man of steel
  22. Dirty dancing
  23. V for vendetta
  24. Harry potter
  25. Transformers: dark of the moon
  26. Casablanca
  27. The goonies
  28. Great gatsby
  29. The truman show
  30. Home alone
  31. Titanic
  32. Superman
  33. Fight club
  34. Spider-man
  35. Moonrise kingdom
  36. The matrix
  37. Romeo and juliet
  38. Rear window
  39. Amélie
  40. Batman
  41. Up
  42. Aliens
  43. Big
  44. Wall-e
  45. Harry potter
  46. Donnie darko
  47. Juno
  48. Bringing up baby
  49. Alien
  50. Reservoir dogs
  51. X files
  52. Kill bill
  53. Indiana jones & the temple of doom
  54. The little mermaid
  55. Grease
  56. Iron man
  57. Clueless
  58. Dumb and dumber
  59. Die hard
  60. The breakfast club
  61. Toy story 3
  62. The godfather
  63. The usual suspects
  64. Bambi
  65. The king's speech
  66. Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
  67. Mulan
  68. The shining
  69. Monsters, inc
  70. Forrest gump
  71. The big lebowski
  72. Saving private ryan
  73. The nightmare before christmas
  74. Sweeney todd
  75. Pretty woman
  76. Spirited away
  77. Midnight in paris
  78. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  79. Mary poppins
  80. Shutter island

1 Peter Pan

Via Minimalist Posters of Disney Movies

Minimalist movie posters pick on a single aspect of the movie that everyone recognizes and can relate to.

2 Thor

Via Items similar to Thor Movie ...

Like Thor's mighty hammer.

3 The Wizard of Oz

Via Wizard of Oz

Or maybe they choose a quote.

4 The Walking Dead

Via Minimal Movie Posters

This is the 1995 movie, not the current TV series. The movie is about US marines on a mission to rescue prisoners of war from Vietnam.

5 Inception

Via Inception - Alternate Edition

This movie confused the life out of me.

6 Gone with the Wind

Via Gone With the Wind,Classic Movie ...

Love that the artists chose a different quote to “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

7 Alice in Wonderland

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Millions of us made a date to attend this madcap party.

8 The Birds

Via Community Post: Re-envisioned Hitchcock Movie ...

This was really scary and somehow, the poster doesn’t really capture the threat of menace.

9 Pulp Fiction

Via Minimal Movie Posters

That's a pretty f**king good milkshake. I don't know if it's worth five dollars but it's pretty f**king good

10 Return of the Jedi

Via 48 Minimal Movie Poster Designs

Is it just me but do you get a subliminal hint to Darth Vader’s helmet, even though this is Boba Fett's distinctive headgear?

11 Breakfast at Tiffany's

Via Minimal Movie Posters

The inimitable Audrey Hepburn – as svelte and lithe as ever, even in stylistic form.

12 Edward Scissorhands


Looks more like a poster for a cute Disney movie!

13 Psycho

Via Domestika

They’d never have been even this graphic back when this fantastic movie was released.

14 The Hunger Games

Via Canvas Prints | Society6

I’ve not seen the movie but I’m sure this means something to the many millions of Hunger Games fans out there.

15 Finding Nemo

Via Minimalist movie posters: SATC

Oh so clever.

16 Jurassic Park


Did you hold your breath the first time the water in the cup shook?

17 American Beauty

Via 12 Minimalist Movie Poster Designs

This is beautifully simple but it still reminds me of that fantastic shot of Mena Suvari and the rose petals.

18 Back to the Future

Via Minimal Movie Posters

We all know what happened when lightning struck the clock tower.

19 Stand by Me

Via Stand By Me 11x17 movie ...

Hands up who hasn’t seen this?

20 Ratatouille

Via Minimalist Vintage-Style Pixar Poster Set

A rat. Paris. I think they missed off the sense of food though.

21 Man of Steel

Via Items similar to Man of ...

A tad boring!

22 Dirty Dancing

Via Poster Dirty Dancing Poster Movie ...

I think “I brought a watermelon” would be a good subject for minimalist Dirty Dancing movie posters.

23 V for Vendetta

Via Eric Palmer 8-bit Movie Posters

Loving the Lego look.

25 Harry Potter

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Aww bless! It’s Hedwig.

26 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Via Transformers Movie Poster

Every time I see something to do with the Transformer movies, the theme tune from the animated series runs through my head. All together now - "Transformers. Robots in Disguise"

27 Casablanca

Via Casablanca Movie Quote Poster Casablanca ...

Very artistic and clever.

28 The Goonies

Via The Goonies Inspired Minimalist Movie ...

Sorry – another I haven’t seen so I don’t get this.

29 Great Gatsby

Via 20 Swanky Pieces Of "Great ...

The car that’s central to the plot.

30 The Truman Show


The door to the real world outside.

31 Home Alone

Via 20 Brilliant Minimalistic Movie Posters

I can’t help but smile when I think of those two hapless crooks and the measures Kevin took to protect his home.

32 Titanic

Via 48 Minimal Movie Poster Designs

Iceberg ahead!

33 Superman

Via 20 Brilliant Minimalistic Movie Posters

Now that’s what you call minimalist!

34 Fight Club

Via Minimal Movie Posters

What’s the first rule of Fight Club?

35 Spider-Man

Via Items similar to Spider-Man Movie ...

Spider-man, Spider-man. Does whatever a spider can.

36 Moonrise Kingdom

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Did you fall in love with Sam and Suzy? I did!

37 The Matrix

Via 20 Brilliant Minimalistic Movie Posters

Doesn’t that look a bit like a percentage sign?

38 Romeo and Juliet

Via Romeo and Juliet Vintage Movie ...

Our favorite star crossed lovers.

39 Rear Window

Via Community Post: Re-envisioned Hitchcock Movie ...

There is a bit of a faux pas in this one. The protagonist in Rear Window is confined to a wheelchair and this guy is standing up.

40 Amélie

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Such a beguiling smile so cleverly captured.

41 Batman

Via 16 More Minimalist Movie Posters

Brilliant. This reminds me so much of the Adam West TV series.

42 Up

Via Minimal Movie Posters

What no balloons?

43 Aliens

Via Cool Collection of Minimalist Movie ...

How very inventive.

44 Big

Via Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt ...

Are you wishing you had a big floor piano right now?

45 Wall-E

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Wasn’t Wall-E he cutest robot ever (was he a robot?)

46 Harry Potter

Via Harry Potter Poster Alternatives | ...

I don’t like this much. The bird looks like an overgrown budgie rather than a majestic beautiful owl.

47 Donnie Darko

Via Donnie Darko (2001)

Scary old rabbit.

48 Juno

Via 48 Minimal Movie Poster Designs

Life is like a packet of Tic Tacs. (Oops wrong movie!)

49 Bringing up Baby

Via BRINGING UP BABY Original Movie ...

An heiress, a paleontologist and a leopard. Now there’s a threesome to contemplate.

50 Alien

Via Awesome Collection of Minimalist Movie ...

Guess who’s carrying the alien.

51 Reservoir Dogs

Via 16 More Minimalist Movie Posters

Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink, Mr. White.

52 X Files

Via Dang it, Mulder - 12x18 ...

The truth is out there.

53 Kill Bill

Via Minimal Movie Posters

This could be Volume 1 or 2. There was much blood letting in both.

54 Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

Via 24 Unofficial Movie Posters That ...

Which was your favorite of the Indiana Jones Series?

55 The Little Mermaid

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Can someone explain the fork?

56 Grease

Via Behance

Grease is the word, the word. Grease is theee word,

57 Iron Man

Via 20 Brilliant Minimalistic Movie Posters

There’s no doubting tony Stark’s exo-suit.

58 Clueless

Via Clueless Inspired Minimalist Movie Poster

Not just a dumb teen movie.

59 Dumb and Dumber

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Are you looking forward to Dumb and Dumber To?

60 Die Hard

Via Awesome Collection of Minimalist Movie ...

Ouch! I felt that.

61 The Breakfast Club

Via Other

Where would you have sat?

62 Toy Story 3

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Aww. All sad now the toys are packed in a box.

63 The Godfather

Via Minimal Movie #Posters

Careful He’s ready to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

64 The Usual Suspects

Via The Usual Suspects 16x12 Movie ...

Who is Keyser Soze?

65 Bambi

Via 10 beautiful alternative Disney movie ...

Ooh! That deer looks quite menacing. Where’s cute cuddly Bambi?

66 The King's Speech


Even royalty have their problems.

67 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Via prongsifyme: Minimalist movie poster for ...

I’m sure Gary Oldman would be quite flattered by this.

68 Mulan

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Shooting for the Moon.

69 The Shining

Via No094 My The Shining minimal ...

Here’s Johnny! Oh no, it’s not. He’s busy writing his book.

70 Monsters, Inc

Via Monsters, Inc.

Well hi there, Mike Wazowski. Pleased to meet you.

71 Forrest Gump

Via Minimal Movie #Posters

How could a lone bench be so evocative of so much?

72 The Big Lebowski

Via 48 Minimal Movie Poster Designs

Hey Dude.

73 Saving Private Ryan

Via 24 Unofficial Movie Posters That ...

A fitting tribute.

74 The Nightmare before Christmas

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Movie posters for Tim Burton’s films should be as fittingly dark and weird as his movies.

75 Sweeney Todd

Via Tim Burton Minimalist Movie Poster ...

Haircut madam?

76 Pretty Woman

Via Really Good Time - Pretty ...

At least for this one Julia Roberts didn’t need a body double.

77 Spirited Away

Via Spirited Away

Who wasn’t moved by this stunning animated movie?

78 Midnight in Paris

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Would Hemingway have approved of this movie poster?

79 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Via Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless ...

You can still recognize Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Cool!

80 Mary Poppins

Via Style | Babble


81 Shutter Island

Via Minimal Movie Posters

Not half as scary as the island itself.

I’ve been really impressed by the creativity of these movie posters. ‘m wondering if they would mean something to the people who haven’t seen the movies though. Were there any where you didn’t get the references?

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