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If you love stories about the supernatural, you must learn more about some excellent movies and TV shows about witches. This collection of favorites will present you with unique insight into folklore and the interconnecting weaving of the craft. As you explore these options, you'll find sisters, timeless favorites, and the battle between good and evil. Without further ado, let's explore seven excellent movies and TV shows about witches.

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Among the movies and TV shows about witches is this gem. Who doesn't love the Halliwell sisters? This delightful series started with a bang and continued to wow audiences. What's better than a group of sisters fighting against evil. I always loved the twists and turns as well as the sudden appearances of family members who had passed, yet were allowed to return to help with the shenanigans.



While, yes, the movie version with Nicole Kidman is adorable, there's nothing like the original. The series focused on the life of the Stephens family - Darrn, Smantha and daughter Tabitha. and their various relatives, incluidng mischief making Endora, Samantha's mother. .You'll love the adorable anecdotes and the comedic interactions among Samantha's family and others.


Practical Magic

Following the tradition of sister witches, Practical Magic brings these two women closer together through magic. As a former boyfriend attacks, their efforts turn deathly and the family must work together to right a dangerous wrong. The film is extraordinary and reminds us all to believe in true love as well as the protective bonds between sisters. It presents you with amazing special effects and the brilliant combination of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.


The Craft

Back to the battle between good and evil, you have a group of four teens who dabble in witchcraft. The end result inspires this triumphant battle. Among my favorite lines from this movie is, “We are the weirdos, Mister.” You will love the special effects in this movie as well along with the journey of these girls. The only thing I didn't like was, obviously, the bugs and snakes. However, beyond that one part it's great!


Witches of East End

I started watching this series recently. Yes, I love Netflix. This covers a group of girls who experiment with magic, get into trouble and help each other out - a lot. Lots of love interest too. as they go on a journey through love, sisterhood, and friendship. As a newer series, I would recommend it highly.



The Disney movie features Angelina Jolie as one of the most famous witches of all times. This is a brilliant film that provides you with an alternative insight into Maleficent. The costumes and effects are amazing and totally worth it. From unique make-up applications to beautifully designed dresses, the creators of this film paid careful attention to the fine details. I love this film!


The Covenant

In The Covenant, you see a new spin on the witchcraft stories, as you follow the lives of young men during their descent. The necessary process of discovering the full powers inherited through their blood line leads to an incredible yet dangerous journey for these young men. I loved this film as well.

Whether it is a television show or movie, this collection of options is fantastic. They present you with unique elaboration of the practice of Wicca and other magical arts through fantasy and imagination. What are some of your favorite movies and TV shows about witches?

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AHS season 3.

I love The Witches of Eastwick

Maleficent is a fairy

hocus pocus?

Practical Magic the movie sucked! The BOOK is excellent and once you read it you'll agree with my opinion about the movie...

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