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7 Shows That Downton Abbey Fans Will Flip over ...

By Jennifer

So in the end, Lady Edith ended up with a Lord while Lady Mary ended up with a used car salesman, and every loose end was tied up in a neat series-finale bow. I'm waiting for a spin-off that follows the adventures of Mr. Mason and Mrs. Patmore (plus Daisy and Andy) at the farm - seriously, I'd watch it - but til then, there are plenty of other swanky period dramas to tide us over.

1 Call the Midwife

This dramatic series (with loads of humor) isn't set in the 20s, it's set in the 50s, but it's still totally British and it's well worth a watch. A binge-watch, in fact.

2 Miss Fisher Mysteries

The clothes, the music, the opulence, the clothes, the mysteries, the clothes... did I mention the clothes?

3 Sherlock

Two words: Cumberbatch and Freeman. Truly, you'll forget all about Downey Jr. and Law once you see these two together. You'll wish you could travel back in time to 221b Baker Street. Truly.

4 Mr. Selfridge

I couldn't love Jeremy Piven any more than I do in this series. It's magnificent, lush, and oh-so-much fun!

5 Upstairs Downstairs

Whether you opt for the original series from 1971 or the reboot in 2010, you'll love this show! It shares the same dual look at British aristocracy, both the upstairs life and the downstairs realities.

6 Wolf Hall

This is a miniseries, a breathtaking but luxuriously slow-moving look at the relationship of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, as told from the view of Thomas Cromwell (played incredibly well by Mark Rylance).

7 Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Downtons' Lady Rose (Lily James) stars as a really bad-ass zombie killing Elizabeth Bennett. Seriously, I can't wait to see this. The book (well, the original) is probably my favorite of all time, and honestly, this movie seems to follow the original relatively well.

Which of these series will you watch now that Downton's over? Or is there something else we should all be watching?

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