7 Things That Always Happen during a Season of Big Brother ...


Spring is in full swing, which means that summer is quickly approaching and with it is another season of Big Brother. The premise of this CBS show is that every summer there is a group of specifically chosen housemates who live together, isolated from the outside world, to compete for $500,000. As a fan of the show for some time now, I can definitely say that each season is different and it never fails to surprise, but there are some things that you know are going to happen every season of Big Brother.

1. A Twist

With every season of Big Brother, there is always a twist to the game. After all the Big Brother motto is “Expect the unexpected”. For example, previous twists have included coaches, returning players, power couples, cliques and saboteurs. Every season, viewers can’t wait for what is in store for the housemates because the more complicated the twist, the more interesting the game gets.

Switch of Alliances
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