Top 5 🤚 Times Michael Scott from "the Office" 📺Should Have Gone to Jail 😱 ...


There are so many times The Office's Michael Scott should have gone to jail. The multi-award-winning comedy series The Office is a hilarious “mockumentary” following Dunder-Mifflin paper company’s Scranton branch. Steve Carell’s iconic character of Michael Scott from The Office is infamous for doing things that he probably shouldn’t. It makes for amusing moments on a fictitious television show. However, in real life, some of these actions probably would at least have him charged, fined, and/or fired. Such as ordering several exotic dancers to the workplace, holding a casino night in the warehouse, claiming the ship was sinking on the booze cruise, serving alcohol at office parties, and the like. Yet, some of the Scranton Regional Managers decisions should have landed him behind bars. Here are the top 5 times The Office's Michael Scott should have gone to jail. Also, just a fair warning, there will be spoilers ahead!

1. Attempted Theft

In season 4 episode 10 “Branch Wars,” one of the more talented Dunder Mifflin salesmen, Stanley Hudson, reaches out to Karen Filippelli, the branch manager in Utica. She offers him a job in Utica where he would make more money. When Michael Scott fails to convince Stanley to stay or get any of Karen’s employees to transfer to Scranton, he enlists Dwight to help him. They trick Jim into coming with them to prank his ex-girlfriend branch in Utica. Once the three men reach Dunder Mifflin Utica, they don their disguises of women’s warehouse uniforms and fake mustaches. Jim stays in the car, while Michael and Dwight sneak inside.

The original plan was to simply disquiet the rival branch office with a few stink bombs. However, Michael notices their fancy industrial copy machine and against Jim’s pleas, forges a new, more criminal plan: to steal the copier. The three men are eventually caught. They then are forced to endure an agonizing and humiliating lecture from Karen. To make matters worse, Michael broke Karen’s copier. Dwight and Michael also threaten violence against the opposing branch, claiming that if they “poach” more Scranton employees or hurt Stanley, they will “burn Utica to the ground.” Luckily for them though, they are not in any real criminal trouble. Stanley admits his claim of moving branches was a just ruse to get a raise from Michael and decides to stay in Scranton.

Misleading Police/Falsely Accusing an Innocent Person
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