7 Upcoming Superhero Films That You Should Watch ...


The 2013 – 2014 movie season seems to be filled with upcoming superhero films, the likes of which comic book aficionados have been shaking with anticipation for. For graphic novel nerds, the amount of comic-book-turned-movie adaptations being dished out this year, as well as next summer, certainly makes it feel as if it's the holiday season. Backed by a strong cast, detailed costume designs, and amazing production teams, these upcoming superhero films look like they'll not only live up to expectations but remain true to the original comics as well.

1. The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Although it was just released in theaters, I am choosing to start this list of upcoming superhero films off with “The Wolverine” because I am completely in love with it! With a plot that's already so action-packed and heavy with historical references and satire, it was interesting to see how they incorporated the key elements of this character's story into the film.

Thor: the Dark World
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