7 Amazing Alfred Hitchcock Movies ...


Alfred Hitchcock Movies are iconic, there's no question about it. The man was a genius of both drama and horror, to such an extent that many of his black and white classics are far scarier than modern day films with all the bells and whistles. My favorite thing about most Alfred Hitchcock movies has to be the tension, the suspense. I mean, he was and still is considered the master of suspense, after all. Here are some really stellar Alfred Hitchcock movies to add to your list of must-see films. Read on and get started planning your next big movie night!

1. Psycho


This is probably the most well known of all the Alfred Hitchcock movies ever made. There's a reason for that, of course: it's awesome. Norman Bates is one of the creepiest, most iconic characters in the horror genre. That awful, awful remake starring Vince Vaughn was just a travesty compared to the performance put on by Anthony Perkins – and I like Vince Vaughn.

2. Dial M for Murder

youtube.com I love a good murder movie, and this one is among the be