7 Great Marvel Movies to Add to Your List ...


Marvel movies have become super popular in the past few years.

They feature some of our favorite superheroes and have introduced their own โ€œMarvel Universe,โ€ where all of their movies share characters and intertwined plots.

If you are not familiar with the incredible Marvel movies out there, I will highly recommend you add these great superhero movies to your โ€œto-watchโ€ list.

1. Iron Man

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Iron Man tops the list of great Marvel movies to add to your list because it introduced us to the wonderful Tony Stark.

Of all of the Marvel heroes, Stark is one of the most loved and hated (at the same time).

He is sassy and rude, and we love him for it.

Iron Man was one of the first movies that took place in the โ€œMarvel Universeโ€ and led to more and more movies that featured the Avengers2

2. Thor

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It might just be because I am obsessed with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, but Thor is definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies.

It adds in the perfect amount of humor when Thor has no idea what things on Earth are.

The fact that it introduced me to Tom Hiddleston is just icing on the cake.

3. Captain America

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I am a fan of any movie that features Chris Evans.

But even more than that, I love a movie that shows that inner strength and morals are way more important than physical strength.

I also love this movie because, unlike most superhero movies that take place in the present or future, this takes place during WWII.

4. X-Men

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I never knew X-Men was a Marvel movie when I was younger, but I still loved it.

It not only had a great cast, a great story, and great characters, but it also showed me that being different isnโ€™t that bad.

I loved how it shows the struggles not only between mutants and humans, but also between mutants themselves.

The themes of morality and humanity that are depicted in X-Men are still relevant today.

X-Men: First Class
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