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The inspiring teachers in the movies that I am including in this list are, without a doubt, great examples of educators who are fearless, committed, and dedicated - qualities that are truly admirable for a group of people that we encounter in different stages of our lives.

We should honor those teachers who have touched our lives and guided us in learning, not only our academic lessons, but important life lessons that we hold dear even after we leave the four walls of the classroom.

Here are some inspiring teachers in the movies:

1. John Keating

In the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams played the role of John Keating, a rather unusual English teacher at the Welton Academy employing unorthodox teaching methods.

This is the movie that I can watch again and again because of its poetry angle.

The common denominator among inspiring teachers in the movies is their ability to make viewers feel warm and happy for the lessons they impart, whether it's letting go of the past to give way to the present and the future, or believing in yourself to realize your potential.

2. Katherine Ann Watson

Julia Roberts is Katherine Ann Watson in Mona Lisa Smile,.

She comes to Wellesley College not only to teach "History of Art" but to inspire and influence the ladies of the conservative school.

The year was 1953, and majority of the ladies in her class dream of getting married, becoming a wife and a mother.2

What Katherine does to help them consider this decision goes beyond what is expected of an art teacher.

3. Dewey Finn

Jack Black as Dewey Finn in the School of Rock is a story of a man who pretended to be a professional teacher.

In reality, he was a big rock-and-roll fan who was just evicted from his band.

Instead of teaching Math in a prep school (he disguised himself as his bestfriend Ned Schneebly), he taught them about rock music and had them sign up on a class project.

This is a musical-comedy film that teaches viewers that learning is not only confined to the classroom.

Melinda Santiago
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