7 of the Best Doctor Who Episodes That I Can't Help but Love ...


Having such a huge show, every Doctor Who fan has a personal cache of the best Doctor Who episodes.

With so many creative episodes, ranging from funny to scary to heartbreaking, there are more than enough choices for your favorite episodes.

Here are my personal favorite and best Doctor Who episodes that I am borderline obsessed with.

1. The Empty Child/the Doctor Dances

Never again will gas masks seem innocent after watching one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever.

I could not just include a sole episode that featured one of the creepiest enemies the Doctor has faced, because these two go hand in hand so well.

You will be left on the edge of your seat for all two episodes.2

Not to mention, you get to meet Captain Jack Harkness in all of his dreamy glory.

2. Blink

Not only was this episode absolutely brilliant, but it featured Carey Mulligan in one of her first roles.

“Blink” introduced the terrifying Weeping Angels and explained their power in one of the most intricate plot lines a Doctor Who episode has had.

Not to mention it has one of my favorites Doctor Who quotes: “[Sad] is like happy for deep people.”

3. Vincent and the Doctor

If you didn’t cry when Vincent van Gogh saw all of his works being admired by hundreds at the end of this episode, you don’ have a soul.

This was one of the most heart warming Doctor Who episodes ever.2

It brought a famous painter to life and showed the struggles he faced in his lifetime, not to mention his cheeky flirting with Amy Pond.

4. The Doctor’s Wife

Whoever thought it was a good idea to bring the TARDIS to life was absolutely brilliant.

The TARDIS is more than just a spaceship;

she has a personality and she has feelings.

To be able to see that personality in a human figure was absolutely amazing.

The Name of the Doctor
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