9 Smart Movies to Help You Get Your Geek on ...


It's a fun time when being nerdy is cool, which is why it's a great time to discuss the nine smart movies to help you get your geek on.

This collection of movies is among my personal favorites, and I hope you share the same love and admiration for them as I do.

Let's have an evening of nerdy films and discover some smart movies to help you get your geek on.

1. Hackers

It's fun to learn more about movies to help you get your geek on, after all, who wouldn't love computer hacking, nerds, and Angelina Jolie all in one movie?

In this now-classic, a group of adolescent hackers take on an old-school hacker who is embezzling money from Ellingson Mineral Company.2

The tension between Dade and Kate is almost every nerd's dream.

2. War Games

For older nerds like myself, War Games is on the list of be-all, end-all nerd films.

As soon as the super computer says, β€œShall we play a game?” there's the sudden reminder of childhood memories that started the immediate attraction to all things computer.

It also makes you look at their equipment and thank the creators of the computers available today that they learned the term, β€œcompact.”

3. Star Wars

Although I was three years old at the time, I remember every frame of the original 1977 Star Wars release like it was yesterday.

My family and I went to a drive-in, yep, a drive in, to see this now ultimate and legendary sci-fi nerd movie.

I know some younger audiences may find it a bit cheesy today considering the advancements of cinematography.

However, I have discovered that it, and its entire saga of movies have become a favorite among most.

Like my niece, Katherine, for instance, who just a couple of days ago did her rendition of the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker is informed that Darth Vader is his father.2

I love that kid!

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