Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies ...

Richard Curtis movies are probably very familiar to you even if the name means little, New Zealand-born British director, screen-writer, actor and music producer is well-known for his feel-good British romcoms. Richard Curtis movies made Hugh Grant a star and provided the British nation and worldwide with iconic self-deprecating and quirky-characters in adorably hilarious scenarios. For a cosy night in take a look at this Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies and watch some of his best and most popular work, with a hot chocolate, fluffy slippers and a bottle of bubbly!

1. Bridget Jonesโ€™s Diary (Writer)

'I like you.

Just the way you are." Swoon fest!

Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) playing Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) becomes Bridgetโ€™s own real Mr Darcy.

This iconic Richard Curtis movie is based on the book by Helen Fielding, which takes inspiration from Jane Austenโ€™s Pride and Prejudice.

The cast director of film made a superb move of casting the original BBCโ€™s Mr Darcy as Mark Darcy in one of the most beloved and funny feel good British film.

Notting Hill (Writer/Producer)