7 Awesome Little Known Facts about Pitch Perfect ...


There are so many fantastic facts about Pitch Perfect that have managed to stay secret for quite some time now! I always love discovering fun facts about movies I really enjoy. It makes me feel more connected to it! If you're like me, you've probably seen Pitch Perfect way too many times. I get it, that movie never gets old! Check out some the really cool facts about Pitch Perfect.

1. The "cups" Song

It's safe to say that the "Cups" song (aside from Fat Amy's hilarious quotes) is the most famous part of the movie. Turns out, it wasn't even supposed to be in the movie! “Originally that scene was going to be like ‘I’m a Little Tea Cup’ or something," Anna said. "It was supposed to be weird and funny and the second that they saw me do that [Cups song], they were like, ‘OK. That’s your audition song.’” We've all come to LOVE that song! Can you imagine the movie without it? This is just one of the cool facts about Pitch Perfect.

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