9 Believable and Memorable Biopics ...


Biopic films are among some of my very favorites. They're not quite documentaries, but almost. There are a ton of great ones – moving, entertaining, inspirational, and enlightening. To be really good, I think a biopic film needs to stay as close to true life as possible, otherwise it's just entertainment, and then what's the point? A few fictionalized details are okay, of course, you even see those in memoirs, after all. The biopic movies I've picked for this list meet that criteria, I think – and they're all really good films in the bargain.

1. Amadeus


Amadeus is more than just a great biopic, it's a great movie in general. It's completely irreverent, both moving and funny, and although much of it is fictionalized (okay, so I just contradicted myself), it highlights Mozart's genius. It also sheds light on how hard it must have been to be brilliant in that time and place.

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