9 "Game of Thrones" Deaths We're Still Not over ...


9 "Game of Thrones" Deaths We're Still Not over ...
9 "Game of Thrones" Deaths We're Still Not over ...

If you’re not up to date with "Game of Thrones" then it goes without saying, SPOILER ALERT! This list of deaths in "Game of Thrones" have devastated us all-so stop right now, go binge, and then come right back here to share in our collective grief for some of the heroes that we have lost along the way.

As season seven continues to add to the insane body count list, let’s take a moment to remember some of the dearly departed characters that we just were not ready to bid farewell to!

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Ned Stark

fur clothing, fur, Oh Ned, dear sweet Ned. Sean Bean’s original King in the North seems like a lifetime ago, and Game of Thrones literally changed the landscape of dramatic television when they devastatingly killed their lead hero before the end of the first season. We still love you, Ned, the North remembers!


Robb Stark

fur clothing, fur, tree, Just when we thought we had found a new Stark hero to follow all the way to the Iron Throne, the show had very different ideas and broke our hearts all over again! Robb Stark suffered the same fate as his father in one of the most infamous Game of Thrones episodes of all time, The Rains of Castamere.


Catelyn Stark

fur clothing, fur, eye, tree, girl, And speaking of that infamous episode… you thought your favorite female characters were safe from these horrors? Think again! Viewers sat back helpless as they witnessed not only the death of Robb and his wife Talisa, but also the death of matriarch Catelyn. Most of the senior Stark clan were wiped out in a single dinner, and we still haven’t quite come to terms with it!


Shireen Baratheon

girl, beauty, long hair, fur, portrait, Over the seasons little Shireen Baratheon had become a favorite thanks to her sweet friendship with Ser Davos. We watched her come out of her shell to teach him how to read, which is why our hearts broke even harder when her PARENTS agreed to burn her at the stake under the persuasion of the Red Woman. One of the most upsetting scenes in the history of Game of Thrones.



person, human, tree, facial hair, Oh Hodor, you big, beautiful creature! The biggest fan devastation moment of season six had to be the death of this loyal Stark servant, not only because he was torn apart by vicious wights, but because the origin of his name and life long disability suddenly came to light in an emotional gut punch for viewers!


Oberyn Martell

man, facial hair, human, outerwear, beard, We should have known that the presence of sexy, sultry, super bad ass Oberyn Martell was too good to be true, because this is Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones doesn’t let us have nice things! We wanted nothing more than for Oberyn to get the revenge he craved for the death of his sister, but in doing so he let his guard down and suffered one of the most horrific on screen deaths to date at the hands of the Mountain!



grass, tree, fur, Ygritte was the Wildling woman who stole Jon Snow’s heart, which made their final reunion even more painful as little Olly shot an arrow straight through her in front of her helpless love. They had their differences and disagreements, and their love affair was plagued with problems, but there was no denying that the pair were made for one another.


Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun

army, troop, soldier, infantry, militia, Who says a character has to be human for you to care about them? Not Game of Thrones! Loyal Wildling giant Wun Wun pledged his future to Jon Snow, and in doing so was tragically slain by the despicable Ramsay Bolton during the epic Battle of the Bastards. When that arrow when through his eye, millions of viewers shed a tear or two!


Rickon Stark

hairstyle, girl, portrait, long hair, fur, It seems apt to end the list on yet another Stark, that poor family has really been through the mill! After being held captive by Ramsay Bolton, Rickon was given the chance to run back to his brother Jon Snow, but in true Game of Thrones fashion, just when we thought he had made it, Ramsay sent an arrow straight through his back. Will the torture never end!?

Which death in Game of Thrones hit you the hardest? Let me know who you would have also included on this list, there are literally too many to name! And the way season seven is going, who knows which of your favorites might end up on here next!

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