7 Great Moments from the Award-Winning Film "Life is Beautiful" ...


Oscar-award winning film “Life Is Beautiful” is a remarkable movie that has impacted its viewers since its release in 1997. I first watched this film after my sister saw it in her high school history class, raving about the brilliance of the film. It’s no wonder why I fell in love with the story. It’s a classic! Check out these great moments from “Life Is Beautiful,” and I’m sure it’ll be in your collection in no time!

1. Buongiorno Principessa

Buongiorno Principessa. Good-morning Princess. Whenever I hear this phrase, I instantly think of “Life Is Beautiful.” There is a point in the film when the family is in the concentration camp and the wife Dora is losing hope that her family is still alive. Then, her husband Guido and son Joshua break onto the loud speaker and say, “Buongiorno Principessa.” It makes me want to cry because it’s so meaningful to their relationship, as you know from earlier in the film, and Guido wanted to assure his wife that they were okay. Now that’s a man I’d like to have in my life!

2. Baths

What are the odds that Joshua doesn’t like taking baths? A striking