8 Inspiring Family Films ...


Family Films are great, naturally, for the whole family. Sweet, inspiring, wholesome, many of them come with important morals but almost all of them encourage feelings of love, friendship, and general optimism. There are family films I still love today, films I can't wait to share with my children – when I have them, of course. Some are classics while others are relatively new. You'll find both on this list of inspiring family films, and I hope they bring you as many memories as they bring me!

1. The Lion King


The Lion King is one of the best family films in the whole world. Heck, it's one of the best Disney Films ever made, if you ask me. It has everything, and even though the death of Mustafa is heartbreaking, it's done beautifully. Simba's story is nothing less than inspiring, and I have no doubt that this will be one of the first movies I watch with my future children.

Mary Poppins
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