11 Kids Cartoons That Are Really Inappropriate ...


There are several kid cartoons that are really inappropriate that children watch regularly. We would like to think that the creators of cartoons and children shows would avoid incorporating any content that would need censoring, but what has been deemed inappropriate has changed over the years. If you want to make sure that the children around you are not being influenced by kid cartoons that are really inappropriate, then sit down and watch a few episodes with them. Make sure the cartoons they watch are not filled with things not meant for children. Here are a few cartoons known to have content that has been considered inappropriate for our youth.

1. Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island

This Canadian cartoon, which aired in the United States in 2008, is a parody of the reality show Survivor, which already deems it as one of the kid cartoons that are really inappropriate. It is a funny cartoon, but content was removed from it in order to keep the PG rating. There are episodes where long bleeps, to suggest that the characters were cursing, were taken out and replaced with actual words. It seems like the creator, who plans to have 10 seasons, wanted the cartoon to seem like a legit reality show. On top of the removed bleeps, the women characters are half dressed and hook up/make out with the male characters regularly.

Courage the Cowardly Dog
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