Movies like She's the Man to Watch at Your Next Sleepover ...

She's The Man is one of the first movies Channing Tatum starred in alongside Amanda Bynes. Amanda Bynes plays the lead role; a girl who loves to play football but her school cuts off the girls’ soccer team so she disguises herself as her brother and attends a boarding school in his place to play football. In the process, she falls in love with her roommate/teammate (Tatum). One of the best comedy high school movies. Here is a list in no particular order full of more amazing movies to watch with your girls.

1. Easy a (2010)

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A high school student (Emma Stone) takes advantage of the rumor mill when a rumor about her gets out, and uses it to make money and become popular. This is an incredible movie that was loved by a lot of people because of the sarcastic comedy and great performance by Emma Stone.

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