9 Movies Where the Dog is the Star ...


Dog movies can reduce you to tears or have you laughing until your sides split. They can be stories of loyalty or tales of manโ€™s cruelty to the animal kingdom. They portray dogs as heroes and villains, as comedic and companionable, loyal, loving and mischievous. However you like your dog movies, hereโ€™s some for you to consider.

1. 101 Dalmatians


This is one of those dog movies where you are overwhelmed by cuteness. Whether itโ€™s the original Disney animation or the later live action feature (and the follow up), the delicious villainess of Dodie Smithโ€™s canine masterpiece, Cruella de Vil, is easily one of the best female baddies ever. The jury is out on whether cartoon or real life spotty dogs are best but revel in the dastardly plot as evil Cruella kidnaps the puppies in the name of fashion.

Turner and Hooch
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