New Movie Website and Blog Explore the Deeper Side of Films


New Movie Website and Blog Explore the Deeper Side of Films
New Movie Website and Blog Explore the Deeper Side of Films

Houma, LA (PRWEB) May 2, 2009

Mike Movie is a film fanatic, pure and simple. He enjoys movie and looks into the subtext and meaning behind what is projected on celluloid for the rest of the world to see. When Movie decided to start his own business, he naturally looked to start a movie website.

In March 2009, Movie simultaneously launched and its companion blog,, the inspiration of which came from Movie's own love of movies.

"I wanted to do something different with reviews," he said. "I wanted to describe to the readers the essence of the movie. I want to talk about dramatics and themes. I want to know how these movies moved them."

Opening up his blog to other writers, Movie hopes to have other people join him in contributing their reviews on films that have been released by leaving comments, or becoming an author on the blog.

Likewise, readers who are intrigued by the reviews can go to his e-store,, where they can legally download and/or buy movies.

"We have movies on demand through the web store," Movie explained. "In the future, we're hoping to add TV downloads, but for the moment, feature films are my focus."

The web store also carries a selection of standard DVD players and Blu-ray DVD players.

At the end of the day, however, Movie is insistent that his goals are more about sharing thoughts about movies with other people, via and his newsletter, than anything else.

"People have a forum and a chance to talk about why they may have disliked a movie or why they fell in love with it," he said.

"Through the blog and newsletter, we're letting people know what's new with the website and we're able to recommend good movies to watch."

About the Company: is a subsidiary of Lifeiztight, LLC. which is owned and operated by Mike Movie.

Contact Information:

Mike Movie

(985) 873-8006

iePlexus, Inc.


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