7 Tearjerk Moments in Disney Movies ...


Along with the fun, laughter, and singing, there are also tearjerk moments in Disney movies. I don’t think any other animated or cartoon filmmakers could top Disney’s ability to get their audience crying rivers, while still making the movie a classic that everyone loves! As much as I hate crying, I never get enough of Disney movies and their tearjerk moments.

1. When Oliver Roams the Streets of New York

Every time I see "Oliver and Company," I secretly hope someone will adopt Oliver and I won’t have to see him endure the pouring rain, running from vicious stray dogs, and sleeping under trucks! Thankfully the song playing during this tearjerk moment is uplifting and gives assurance that things will get better for Oliver!

2. When Eugene is Dying

I don’t know about you, but when I first saw "Tangled," this moment