Top 8 Musicals of All Time ...


Top Musicals are classics. Most of them are older, but they're still popular today. In fact, many of the top musicals have only increased in popularity, taking audiences back to more innocent times. There are fun and cheeky musicals today, of course, but the top musicals are something else entirely. They can remind you of childhood, you can share them with your children, and odds are you know all the words without even realizing it. So take a look at the top musicals of all time and see what kinds of memories they inspire!

1. The Sound of Music

You'll find Julie Andrews is many of the top musicals, with good reason. In her youth, she was lovely and wholesome with a beautiful voice. The magic she works with the Von Trapps is timeless, the songs are both fun and moving, and the story itself is actually quite deep. How old were you when you tasted your first champagne, by the way?

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