Inspiring Movies 🎥 about Love 💚💜 Based on True 👍🏼 Life Events ...


Sometimes, a movie 🎥 can be so inspiring and so different that it can't be true – that's not the case 💼 in these movies! They are 100% true and yes, things have been changed in the movie 🎥 to make it more appealing, but the core and heart 💓 of the movie 🎥 is a true story.

1. The Vow

Yes, this is a true story and in general, I don't like 👌 rom-coms but this movie 🎥 got me. Heather made me watch ⌚ it and it is all about a young couple 💏 that got in a car 🚗 accident and as a result of that, the wife loses all of her memories for the past 18 months. Her husband had to convince her to fall 🍂 in love 💟 with him all over again. Spoiler alert: they end up 🆙 together!

The Theory of Everything
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