The Most Romantic Grand Gestures in the Movies ...


It doesn’t matter if movies give us unrealistic expectations of romance.

We love to see over-the-top moments, unrealistic love stories coming true, mis-matched couples coming together against the odds.

Movie romance is movie magic and sometimes, the cheesier the better.

There’s nothing quite like grand romantic gestures in the movies to give us the feels.2

1. The Five-Year Engagement

Jason Segel’s entire plan to arrange his and Emily Blunt’s shotgun wedding was a grand gesture because it took all of the pressure off his fiancé and allowed to enjoy her day.

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2. Bridget Jones’ Diary

When Bridget thought she had lost her chance of love forever, she never expected that all Colin Firth had done was pop to the store to buy her a brand new diary!

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3. Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore’s apology to Michael Vartan for lying about her identity involves two grand gestures: an announcement in the local paper and a kiss on the baseball field!2

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4. Sixteen Candles

Everybody forgets Molly Ringwald’s birthday, that is, of course, everyone except her dream crush who proceeds to surprise her!

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5. Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick’s had never seen The Breakfast Club until her love interest showed her, and she made the most of the moment at the end to recreate the film’s climax in a big way.

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6. 10 Years

The reveal in 10 Years that Oscar Isaac’s famous high school song is actually about Kate Mara is one of the sweetest gestures in recent movies!

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7. Pretty Woman

She wanted the fairytale and she got it when Richard Gere conquered his fear of heights to climb the fire escape.

Let’s not forget he held a red rose in his teeth.

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