7 Awesome Reasons to Watch Riot on Fox ...


There are so many fantastic reasons why you should be watching Riot on FOX. It's become my favorite part about Tuesday nights! The show has so many awesome elements to it and it is effortlessly funny. Check out some of the reasons why you should be watching the new comedy, Riot on FOX!

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Improv Sketches

The funniest part about the show is the improvisation! Since it's completely improvised, there are no rehearsals or second takes. This show promises unpredictability! Each episode features a rotating panel of comics and two celebrity guests performing sketch challenges, which ensures you'll be laughing. This is just one of many reasons to watch Riot on FOX!


Steve Carell

It's been three years since he signed off from The Office, but he's back on TV! Steve's an executive producer for Riot and was hilarious in the pilot episode. Although he's only in one episode, he was in the studio for most of the tapings.


Celebrity Guests

Throughout this 8-episode season, there'll be tons of celebrity guests! These episodes feature Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), D.L. Hughley (The Original Kings of Comedy), Cheryl Hines (Suburgatory), Tom Green (Tom Green Live), Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live), Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), David Arquette (Pushing Daisies), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Nicole Sullivan (Cougar Town), and more! Who are you looking forward to seeing perform all these sketches? Honestly, I'm excited to see them all.


It's Hilarious

Long story short, this show is hilarious. How could it not be with Steve Carell producing it?! The sketches, celebrity guests, and rotating comedians are a recipe for success! What part of the show do you think is the funniest? I hope there tons of seasons to come!



There are a lot of fun games on the show! Some games, like “Alphabody,” where players hilariously use their bodies to spell out the letters of a word, or “Shadow Puppets,” where they act out the title of a movie with props, even allow the viewer to play along at home. I don't know about you, but this show has me yelling at the screen and cracking up all at once!


The Host

The host, Rove McManus, is such an awesome addition to the show. “I feel like it’s the most interactive experience you can have,” McManus said. “I can literally yell something at the performers to make them do it.” That's part of the thrill on the show - you never know what's going to be happening next! “Improv on its own lends itself to such spontaneity, but then the circumstances that we put our performers in take that to another level,” McManus told The New York Post.


'90s Feel

Remember all those awesome Nickelodeon game shows from the '90s?! There was Figure It Out, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, etc. Well, this show has the same vibe as those shows and it's so cool! It's a modern day take on a comedic game show while still incorporating some of those cool elements that these '90s shows had! What was your favorite game show back then?

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many reasons why you should be watching Riot on FOX! I'm sure there are so many laughs to come. What's your favorite thing about the show?

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