10 Classic High School Movies to Watch with Friends ...


High school movies are sometimes fun, sometimes irreverent, and sometimes incredibly dramatic. I like all kinds, but when it comes down to some of the most classic high school films you should watch with your friends, I decided to keep things lighter. If you want something more poignant or simply darker, there are films like Lucas, the esoteric Brick, and who knows how many others? For now, take a look at these awesome movies about high school, and feel free to add your own favorites!

1. The Breakfast Club


You really can’t discuss high school movies without talking about John Hughes. I’ve tried to keep his movies to a minimum, but some of the must be included – like The Breakfast Club. When I was four, my older, terribly inappropriate cousin let me watch it with her, thereby insuring that I learned the eff-word at an early age. Watching it as I got older, I was able to notice its many other fantastic qualities. It’s actually a really poignant movie, and I don’t think I know anyone who can’t quote the last scene.

Dazed and Confused
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