Charming Flicks 📼 about Girl Power ✌🏼️ for Women Planning a Sleepover 💤 ...


Girl power movies are a necessity for a night in with your best friends. However, it can be pretty difficult to find a lot of girl power movies. They’re not exactly made in large numbers, if you know what I mean. It takes some searching to find movies that focus on strong women. If you’re looking for movies about strong women for your next movie night, look no further than this list.

1. Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is the latest and ultimate girl power movie to hit the big screens. Whether you’re watching the first movie or the second movie, both sum up what it’s like to have amazing girlfriends you can lean on for support. Whether you love singing with your friends or you just love to hang out with your friends, you’ll see yourselves in these women.

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