14 Movies 🎥 That Need 🙏 a Sequel ✌️ ...


You know when a movie leaves you hanging or you just wish there was more of it? There are some movies that need a sequel because the story is left unfinished and some movies need a sequel because they are so good you want more. I’ve listed below my favorite candidates for movies that need a sequel. Let’s see if you agree with my choices.

1. The Simpson’s Movie - We Need to See It Done Better

The first Simpsons movie was terrible so it is one of my top movies that need a sequel. Maybe that is just because they have stopped caring about the quality of their shows. After all, since season 10 it has taken a complete nosedive. It is not one of the most urgent movies that need a sequel, yet they have the perfect ingredients needed to make a great movie. They do not have to character build or introduce people to the world of the Simpsons because people already know all about it. They can hit the ground running and get right into what people may consider the third-act pace right from the beginning. Let’s see another attempt at a Simpson’s movie with a sequel.

X-Files Movie - Was the Planet Invaded?
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