7 Reasons Why Friends Was the Best Show Ever Made ...


7 Reasons Why Friends Was the Best Show Ever Made ...
7 Reasons Why Friends Was the Best Show Ever Made ...

There are so many reasons why FRIENDS was the best show ever on TV. Not only did we instantly fall in love with the characters but we also grew up with them. Could this show BE any better? Probably not. Here are some reasons why FRIENDS was the best show ever (according to me…)

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The Characters

This is the number one reason why FRIENDS was the best show ever. The viewers relate to all of the characters in some way, as each character has their own funny moments that are unforgettable. Ask someone who their favorite character was on the show and I guarantee they will go back and forth a couple times.


From Ross's quirky paleontology rants and Rachel's fashionable escapades to Joey's lovable gaffes and Monica's obsessive cleaning habits, each character offers something special. Phoebe's quirky folk songs and eclectic beliefs balance Chandler's sarcastic wit, ensuring there's someone for every viewer to cheer for, laugh with, or facepalm at. It's more than just quirks; the character growth over the series is deeply endeared and applauded. Whether it's career changes, romantic endeavors, or personal growth, the journey is as much ours as theirs.


Real Life Issues

This was one of the first shows that actually touched on serious and ‘real life’ issues. Each episode focused on some sort of drama between the friends or drama that the friends had got into. I remember being able to watch the show and translate their problems into my own and figure out how to properly fix it.


The show's brilliance lay in its portrayal of universal themes such as love, loss, work struggles, and family issues with humor and heart. It’s amazing how a sitcom could gracefully handle topics like infertility and divorce without losing its comedic touch. The beauty of Friends was in the balance — it made us laugh, but it also wasn't afraid to make us feel the full spectrum of emotions. By watching the characters navigate these choppy waters, viewers gained insights into their own lives, making the laughs—and the lessons—resonate even more deeply.


The Story Line Never Gets Old

I can still watch episodes and laugh, as the situations are still relevant. With story lines like trying to find your calling in life, finding the right kind of love, falling in love with a friend, how living with a friend can tear you apart and so on; these stories are still happening to a lot of us.


The hysterical misadventures of the six friends resonate on a universal level. Whether it's navigating awkward dates or enduring job interviews that go disastrously awry, the relatability transcends time. The beauty of Friends lies in its ability to mirror our own triumphs and disasters in love and work with humor and heart. The emotional rollercoaster of Ross and Rachel's 'will they, won't they' saga, or Monica's obsessive personality quirks, not only provide laughs but also offer a comforting reflection of our own life experiences. It's this timeless connection that makes rewatching the series feel like catching up with old friends.


Shot in Front of Live Audience

Being able to hear a real live audience laugh at the jokes on a natural cue is very cool. If the writers wrote a joke that fell flat in front of the audience and just wasn’t funny, it was an easy fix. You could still do retakes and test out which jokes got the most real reactions.


Real Progression

The characters life seemed so real and progressed on a very natural note. I feel like I grew with Rachel, Pheobe, Joey, Ross, Chandler and Monica as I watched all 10 seasons over and over. The fact that love is found between the best friends was always a thought that I had for the show, and really felt natural.


Ross and Rachel Story Line

This has to be one of the best romance stories that has even been on a TV show. Not only is this story line realistic, but it can hit home for a lot of viewers. Ever since Ross fell in love with Rachel in high school, the viewers have been rooting for the pair to finally fall in love. Although we had to wait till the last episode to see the two fall in love and get together, it was well worth the wait.


The rollercoaster relationship between Ross and Rachel gave us some of the most memorable moments in sitcom history. Their back-and-forth romance kept us glued to our screens, showcasing the complexities of love and friendship. From the iconic scenes—like the "We were on a break!" debacle—to Ross's airport dashes and the heart-stopping "I got off the plane," their relationship truly captured the essence of an emotional journey full of ups and downs. The writers crafted a beautifully flawed and dynamic connection that echoed real relational drama, making every twist and turn incredibly relatable and engaging.


The Guest Stars

Every time I watched the show I waited in anticipation on who was going to be guest starring. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Christina Applegate, Sean Penn, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Tom Selleck, Hugh Laurie and many more. When Brad Pitt stared on the show, it was completely genius. Pitt played a friend of Ross’s from high school who was in a club that was dedicated to hating his then-wife’s character Rachel Green.

Not only did this show make us laugh, cry and sometimes have major frustration with their love triangles, the show made us all want to tune in next week. Who was your favorite character? Is there a line or an episode that you love to watch from now and then?

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fuck. yes.

You have to love the Chandler-Joey bromance,or Ross and Joey\'s bromance moments haha (napping together or Ross getting dirty-talk coaching)! Classic sitcom that never gets old or tiring.

Yes! Much better then the shows today

I can\'t go a day without watching Friends since we started watching it in 2005. We have all ten seasons plus we record it on the dvr. My kids, 12 & 16 & 25, are friends experts.

The one where everyone finds out, The one with the inappropriate song, The one one where Ross is fine... Top3, love it!!! :)

I'm just 18. I wasn't really able to watch it during the original air time. But I watch the whole series and I fell in love with it. Especially rachel ❤️

I agree! esp with all of the comments above. I have all 10 seasons and cant get enough of it. My husband just stops and glares whenever I am watching it ;) Love it!!

It’s really the best series to have been portrayed on tv, it got me emotional in all ways kept asking myself why it had to end and why they all had to grow up so fast, every episode every season clearly never gonna see any thing better than FRIENDS . Got me falling in love with all the characters ❤️. PS just re watched it again and am crying as I type this🥺.

Hell yes ! Best show ever! Was it really shot in front of real audience ??

AGREE!!!! My all time favorite show. Have every episode memorized. And what\'s cool is being able to introduce it to the generations to come. No matter what my mood, Chandler can ALWAYS make me laugh out loud. In love with this show, it\'s characters, and it\'s legacy!!! Thanks for reminding us of all the reasons this show will remain a top production and we will always be able to find it on tv. (Although I own all 10 seasons and will never tire from watching them)!!!!

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