Top 10 Biggest Box Office Hits of All Time ...


Top Box Office Hits can be surprising. They run the gamut from comedies to dramas to kids movies. Sometimes they're sleeper hits no one thought would do anything big, but most of the top box office hits promised to be winners right from the start. I apologize in advance that there are no Harry Potter films in the top 10, but don't worry – they little the list when it goes down to 100! Here, though, are ten of the top box office hits, so let's see if you agree with them!

1. Avatar (2009)

Avatar quickly became one of the top box office hits; people knew it was going to be huge as soon as they saw the first trailer. The film is beautifully done, the makeup and effects incredible, the story amazing. It has yet to be beat by anything – even the last HP film! Domestically, it pulled in over $760 million. Wowza!

Titanic (1997)
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