7 Travel Inspired Movies to Watch if You Can't Actually Travel ...


I created a list of travel inspired movies to watch just to hold me over until my next international trip. If you love to travel I think you will appreciate this list of scenic movies. If you haven't traveled abroad yet, they will give you a taste of different cultures. You may find yourself inspired to plan your own trip after watching these travel inspired movies.

1. Eat, Pray, Love

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Eat, Pray, Love has become one of my favorite travel inspired movies because the story takes place in multiple foreign locations. If you didn't jump on the wagon and read the book when it first came out, the movie is quite good. Julia Roberts plays the main character who is based on the original memoir's author. After her divorce she finds herself going on a spiritual journey through Italy, India and Indonesia. You'll get to go on the journey with her and possibly ask yourself important questions while experiencing these gorgeous countries on screen.

Before Sunrise
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