7 TV Shows Made from Comic Books ...


Many people probably don’t realize how many TV shows from comics there really are. Sometimes I forget that they make shows out of comics too and not just movies! Looking back, there seemed to be a lot more comic book or sci-fi shows on TV than there are right now. There are so many of these shows that have made lasting impressions, it was so much fun to take a look! So, here are seven TV shows made from comics!

1. The Tick

I really tried to watch this show, but it was just so bad. The acting wasn’t great, the writing was pretty bad, and it looked like a joke to be quite honest. I’d have to say that,in my opinion, this has to be the worst show on the entire list, which is why it’s ranked lower here. It’s hard to think about good things to say about this show, except maybe that it was good for a laugh. If you’re looking for really great TV shows made from comics, just skip this one!

The Walking Dead
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