9 TV Shows That Make You Laugh out Loud ...


The idea of this post of 8 TV shows that make you laugh out loud came about after I sat down and watched a hilarious show on TV the other night. Usually a stickler for not staying up late and watching too much TV, I ignored my bedtime and sat on the couch laughing my face off. It felt great. Watching TV isn’t the best way to spend your time, but if it is a little comedic therapy you are after, then checkout these TV shows that make you laugh out loud.

1. Father Ted

This was the culprit that had me in stitches late one night last week. Father Ted is an Irish sitcom that was originally aired in 1995. It’s about three Irish priests who have been banished to a remote fictional island called ‘Craggy Island’ all for different reasons (money matters, womanising and an incident only described as ‘the Blackrock incident’). There is also Mrs. Doyle, the housekeeper, who always wants to serve tea. The four of them together make a ridiculously hilarious team and a seriously laugh out loud show with classic, honest humour that catches you off guard. This is one of my new favorite shows that make you laugh out loud!

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